Microtronic is a Classic High-Tech Entrepreneurial Story of Innovation

“Our goal is to build the fastest, most accurate, and easiest-to-use semiconductor wafer inspection solutions for our customers” Reiner Fenske, Founder

Microtronic is a Leader in Semiconductor Wafer Defect Inspection, Sorting and Metrology

Founded in 1994, Microtronic, Inc. is a US-based company that designs, manufacturers, and markets automated semiconductor wafer defect inspection equipment, semiconductor wafer sorters, and semiconductor metrology tools and equipment to semiconductor manufacturers, fabrication plants and device manufacturers throughout the world.

Microtronic is headquartered in Hawthorne, New York, about 30 minutes north of Manhattan. Microtronic solutions are manufactured in the USA.

Early Beginnings | Advanced Wafer Inspection Microscopes to Macro Defect Inspection Leader

After identifying a need for better automation, imaging, accuracy, and throughput in the rapidly evolving semiconductor manufacturing market, Microtronic’s President, Reiner Fenske, founded Microtronic after a successful career with Zeiss Semiconductor.

Initially Microtronic designed new robotics applications and software that automated and enhanced the speed of wafer defect inspection packaged in an extremely user-friendly inspection environment. These early automated systems were an immediate success with Tier-1 semiconductor manufacturers and remain the foundation of Microtronic’s commitment to the semiconductor wafer defect inspection market.

Innovation, Growth & Recognition

In a few short years Microtronic claimed many of the names on the Top 20 list of the largest semiconductor manufacturers as clients for its advanced microscopes, defect inspection software, semiconductor wafer sorters and automated macro defect inspection equipment. Its total commitment to customer satisfaction and overall quality earned it many accolades including:

  • Lucent Technologies Vendor of the Year Award in 2000, 2001
  • Texas Instruments Supplier Excellence Award 2006

Today – Complete Integrated Product Line of Auto Macro Defect Inspection Equipment, Sorters, Metrology

Microtronic continues its commitment to developing market leading integrated macro defect inspection equipment, wafer sorters, and metrology solutions for the semiconductor manufacturing market. Today, all of our products offer superior investment protection and ROI by providing integrated solutions that are modular so you can still benefit from stand alone solutions when your application calls for it. This offers our clients a flexible, cost-effective upgrade path when new requirements can still be met with existing equipment that can be easily extended to meet new needs.

Microtronic SITEview Software integrates with Microtronic auto macro defect inspection tools, wafer sorters, robots, and microscopes to offer clients a more flexible approach to defect inspection. You buy what you need. We strive to grow with our customers’ needs and maximize their ROI and cost of ownership of all equipment purchases.

Our major branded products include:

  • EagleView – Automated Macro Defect Inspection System
  • ProcessGUARD – Desktop Client for EagleView Inspection Management
  • SITEview – Defect Review, Image Storage & Retrieval, and Sorting Software
  • MicroSORT – Stand Alone Sorting System
  • MicroINSPECT – Microscope Wafer Inspection Systems
  • MicroINSPECT 300FA – 200mm / 300mm Bridge Tool for Defect Review
  • EagleImage – Image Acquisition Software

Facilities and Operations

Microtronic, Inc. serves a global client base of semiconductor manufactures, foundries, IDMs, and fabrication plants. Our primary R&D and operations are hosted at our Hawthorne, NY facility and we have sales, customer service and field engineering located geographically in areas that best serve our clients. These locations include Texas, Florida, Massachusetts, California and Seoul, South Korea.

How Can We Help You Today?

Give us a call and speak with one of our consulting engineers to see how Microtronic can help address your semiconductor defect inspection requirements.

High Throughput Wafer Inspection
High Throughput Wafer Inspection
High Throughput Wafer Inspection
pects Each and Every Wafer and Stores a Full Color Wafer Image