The Industry’s Most Yield-Enhancing Macro Defect Inspection System

New EagleView 5


EagleView 5


EAGLEview – Auto Macro Wafer Defect Inspection

Automated Macro Defect Inspection Equipment for Semiconductor Wafers | Manufacturer

EagleVIEW Automated Macro Defect Wafer Inspection Equipment and Related Software Provides Unrivaled Speed, Accuracy and Reliability

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MicroSORT – Stand Alone Wafer Sorter

MicroSORT Semiconductor Wafer Sorter Systems

Semiconductor Wafer Sorter | Semiconductor Wafer Handling Equipment

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MicroINSPECT – Microscope Wafer Inspection

MicroINSPECT Semiconductor Wafer Microscope Inspection System

Advanced Robotics, Microscopes with SITEview Software Automate Micro or Macro Defect Inspection

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MicroINSPECT 300FA – Failure Analysis

Semiconductor Wafer Inspection Failure Analysis Tool Manufacturer

Wafer Defect Review, Inspection and Sorter In One Integrated Tool

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ProcessGuard – EAGLEview Desktop Client

Microtronic ProcessGuard Semiconductor Wafer Defect Inspection Management Software

Automate Your Macro Defect Semiconductor Wafer Inspection Processes and Equipment

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SITEview Software – Defect Review, Images, and Sorting

SITEview Software | Automated Semiconductor Wafer Optical Inspection and Metrology

Semiconductor Wafer Defect Review, Image Storage & Retrieval and Sorting Software

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Microtronic, Inc. Overview

Founded in 1994, Microtronic, Inc. is a U.S.-based, manufacturer and supplier of automated macro defect semiconductor wafer inspection equipment, semiconductor wafer sorters, and semiconductor metrology solutions. Our EagleView brand of automated macro defect wafer inspection systems help semiconductor manufacturers and fabs throughout the world decrease their time to market, optimize defect detection accuracy, and minimize production problems.

Microtronic Provides Quicker ROI

Microtronic’s automated macro defect semiconductor wafer inspection equipment, sorters, and metrology tools are manufactured to support our clients’ business goals as well as their manufacturing processes. Microtronic semiconductor wafer inspection systems and applications deliver a quicker ROI by more accurately detecting defects at critical points in the semiconductor manufacturing process and at a much higher throughput. By detecting defects that other wafer defect inspection systems would normally miss — and earlier in the production cycle — you save time and money.

Microtronic macro defect inspection tools and equipment for semiconductor fabs go beyond simple imaging and limited sampling of the semiconductor wafer to provide a complete end-to-end process that automates the detection, categorization, and storage of defects identified and helps to map them to the specific production area for enhanced root cause analysis.

Leapfrog the Competition

In today’s fiercely competitive, always advancing semiconductor market it’s difficult to stay even one step ahead of the competition. Microtronic EagleView macro defect inspection equipment, MicroSORT wafer sorting systems, and MicroINSPECT systems, together with Microtronic defect inspection software helps you get not just one step ahead — but leapfrog the competition.

Contact Us Today

Microtronic understands that collaborating with our customers will always deliver the best results. So contact us today and let’s explore — together — how we can implement a “zero defect” wafer inspection strategy for your production environment.

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