Microtronic Technologies Have Set the Pace for Semiconductor Wafer Inspection Since 1994

Market Leading Semiconductor Wafer Defect Inspection Technologies

Microtronic’s decades of experience in micro and macro optical inspection, macro wafer inspection technologies, semiconductor wafer sorting systems, and metrology technologies gives us unparalleled knowledge and expertise when it comes to developing wafer inspection solutions.

An Integrated Solution Set for Semiconductor Wafer Inspection, Sorting, Metrology

From this experience, we have been able to develop the class-leading auto macro wafer defect inspection system — Microtronic EagleView. However, because all Microtronic systems are modular we are able to tailor solutions to your particular requirements by providing just the technologies and solutions you need. Our approach makes it much easier and more cost effective for our clients to acquire customized solutions and upgrades to their existing Microtronic equipment.

From Microscopes to Auto Macro Wafer Inspection Systems

Early in the company’s history, we provided only microscopes for manual wafer defect inspection. We did well and earned the trust of top tier semiconductor fabs around the world. Today we develop completely integrated wafer inspection solutions that include macro and micro wafer defect inspection equipment, auto macro defect inspection systems, imaging technologies, standalone sorters, manual and motorized microscopes, advanced wafer handling robots, and wafer staging systems.

Core Microtronic Technologies Include:

  • Optical Microscopy – We provide solutions based on inspection microscopes by Zeiss, Nikon, Leica, and other brands. Fully motorized control by Microtronic SITEview Software, full array of optical inspection techniques: bright-field, dark-field, differential interference contrast, UV, and confocal.
  • Automated Macro Defect Semiconductor Wafer Inspection Systems High Speed , over 3,000+ wafers per day throughput, 2 cassette, 4 cassette, SMIF and 300mm to 200mm Bridge Tool configurations. Fully automated macro inspection, whole wafer image storage and retrieval, integrated OCR reader and wafer randomization. Creates microscope review files and guardbanding files.
  • Semiconductor Wafer Sorters — Sorting systems for 50mm to 300mm wafers: can move, compress, randomize, find, align, verify, and split lots. Hardware includes: high throughput dual arm robot handler, motorized tilt back towers with integrated flat / notch finder, multiple cassette size recognition, safety proximity sensors, and other custom applications.

  • Microtronic System Software Applications
    SITEview Software – This single software application controls the robotic, manual or motorized stage, aligner, tilt, wobble macro, backside macro, tilt-back cassette towers, integrated cassette wafer aligners, fixed or hand-held bar code reader, OCR, cameras, imaging, pattern recognition, and inspection microscopes.
    EagleView’s ProcessGuard Software — EAGLEview’s Revolutionary Auto Macro Defect Inspection Management Software.

  • Communication & Networking Technology
  • Wafer Handling Robots — dual arm robots, non-contact optical aligners, macro bright light with tilt/wobble or back side inspection modules, automatic tilting cassettes
  • Motorized Microscope Stages – Anti-Migration Technology
  • Pattern Recognition Technology
  • OCR Technologies