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Microtronic MicroSORT Semiconductor Wafer Sorter solutions are renown for being optimally designed to maximize throughput while minimizing semiconductor wafer handling.

Our advanced robotics and software seamlessly integrate to provide an extremely operator-friendly semiconductor wafer sorter platform that is fast, easy-to-use, and scalable.

MicroSORT is a stand-alone semiconductor wafer sorter that runs complex routines in an ergonomically optimized environment for up to 4 semiconductor wafer cassette platforms. Basic functionality of the MicroSORT semiconductor wafer sorter allows the user to move, compress, randomize, find, align, verify, and split wafer lots. MicroSORT semiconductor wafer sorter can also be programmed to provide highly customized functions specific to your semiconductor production environment.

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MicroSORT Automated Semiconductor Wafer Sorter
MicroSORT Automated Semiconductor Wafer Sorter
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MicroSORT Semiconductor Wafer Sorting System

The Microtronic MicroSORT semiconductor wafer sorter is designed to maximize

throughput while minimizing wafer handling in a user-friendly operating environment. This stand-alone semiconductor wafer sorter enables sophisticated semiconductor wafer sorter routines for up to 4 wafer-cassette platforms. MicroSORT semiconductor wafer sorter reads OCR scribes from the top, bottom, or simultaneously, allowing for enhanced semiconductor wafer tracking and sorting. The MicroSORT semiconductor wafer sorter’s basic functions include the ability to move, compress, randomize, find, align, verify, and split semiconductor wafer lots. With our virtual tweezer mode, an operator can click on wafer icons to move wafers between cassettes, read semiconductor wafers, and swap wafer positions.

MicroSORT Automated Semiconductor Wafer Sorter 50mm – 200mm
MicroSORT Automated Semiconductor Wafer Sorter 50mm – 200mm

Better Ergonomics, Faster Throughput, Integrated Wafer Handling

MicroSORT semiconductor wafer sorter system uses multi-size wafer platforms or optional automatic tilt-back cassette towers that ensure that the semiconductor wafers are sitting correctly at the back of the cassette and provides ergonomic loading of semiconductor wafer cassettes for the operator.

An optional integrated flat of notch finder built in to the tilt-back mechanism allows all of the wafers in the cassette to be oriented optimally before they are raised. This feature of the MicroSORT semiconductor wafer sorter substantially improves OCR throughput and eliminates the need to separately align each semiconductor wafer, saving time.

A complete macro script language allows the implementation of complex, multiple-move sorter routines in a single recipe. This scripting language also provides messages displayed on the screen, the execution of customer developed programs, and calls to the internal Microtronic SiteVIEW Software command set.

Microtronic MicroSORT semiconductor wafer sorters together with our battle-tested Microtronic SITEview Software can be customized to fit a wide variety of applications and manufacturing requirements. Contact us today to discuss your requirements with one of our engineering consultants and explore how Microtronic MicroSORT automated semiconductor wafer sorters can enhance your production processes and increase your inspection accuracy and speed.

MicroSORT Semiconductor Wafer Sorter System Features:

  • 50mm – 200mm systems
  • 300mm and 450mm available
  • High Speed Dual Arm Robot
  • Multiple Wafer Size Platform Recognition
  • Optional Tilt Back Platform with Integrated Flat/Notch Finder for 5″, 6″ & 8″
  • Up to 4 Cassette Platforms
  • Safety Proximity Sensors to ensure wafers are correctly seated in cassette
  • OCR or Bar Code Read
  • Host Communications – LAN / Network
  • Small Footprint 48D x 24W x H32

Full Integration with Microtronic SITEview Software Features:

  • Single screen operations eliminate screen clutter
  • Multi-level password protection
  • User customizable screens, buttons, functions
  • Recipes created on or offline
  • ASCII Scripting Language for macros and link recipes

OCR & Wafer Sorting Features:

  • Front or Backside scribe
  • Cognex OCR Technology
  • Inventory File Stores semiconductor wafer history by ID and Slot, lot log, in / out time and date
  • Complete Sorting Functions – Move, Compress, Randomize, Find, Align, Verify, and Split Lot.
  • Minimal Pick & Placement of Wafers Reducing Handling Induced Defects
  • 3, 4, 5, 6 & 8 inch semiconductor wafer cassettes can be placed on one platform without recalibration or expensive retrofits
  • MicroSORT automatically senses and updates robot teach points and displays size dependent recipes

Microtronic Products Are Always Customer Service Friendly

  • Front Service Access to All Components
  • Robot is field repairable
  • Availability > 99%
  • Service software interface with automated robot teach routine