Automated Macro Defect Inspection Equipment for Semiconductor Wafers

EagleView Automated Macro Defect Wafer Inspection Equipment and Related Software Provides Unrivaled Speed, Accuracy and Reliability

EagleView automated macro defect semiconductor wafer inspection system provides industry leading throughput, defect detection accuracy, and wafer classification for semiconductor manufacturing. EagleView systems have inspected over 100 million semiconductor wafers worldwide. The EagleView macro defect inspection tool resolves many of the problems and pitfalls of manual and micro wafer inspection by automating and standardizing semiconductor wafer inspection processes while creating complete images of every wafer in the cassette. Unlike manual micro defect wafer inspection, EagleView’s automated wafer inspection is always consistent, tireless, reliable, and fast. EagleView helps find macro defects while there’s still time to take corrective action.

EagleView provides automated macro defect detection, excursion control and wafer randomization delivering consistent and reliable results while seamlessly integrating into your existing semiconductor manufacturing environment.

EagleView combines incredible macro defect inspection throughput with state-of-the art software and analytics in an ergonomic, easy-to-use versatile platform. Operators can automatically and quickly inspect semiconductor wafers from 50mm to 450mm at a rate of over 3,000 wafers per day. EagleView configures quickly without complicated and time consuming recipe development and recipe maintenance.

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EagleView -- Automated macro defect semiconductor wafer inspection system
EagleView Automated Macro Defect Semiconductor Wafer Inspection Equipment
EAGLEview Auto Macro Semiconductor Wafer Defect Inspection PDF

EagleView Automated Macro Semiconductor Wafer Defect Inspection Equipment

EagleView macro defect semiconductor wafer inspection systems combine state-of-the-art robotics, imaging, Microtronic ProcessGuard software, and analytics to provide an unparalleled wafer inspection solution for 50 mm to 300 mm wafers at a rate of 3,000 wafers per day. EageView systems have inspected over 300 million wafers worldwide. Each wafer is completely imaged and stored as a full-sized wafer image at any step throughout the manufacturing process. Historical data and images are easily correlated to any point in the production process to help perform root cause analysis and take corrective action at the earliest possible time. It’s faster, more accurate, and easier to operate than typical manual inspection.

EagleView Macro Defect Inspection System | Key Features & Benefits

  • High Speed Throughput — 3,000 wafers per day
  • Detects Macro Defects –Hotspots, missing patterns, spin defects, scratches, etc.
  • No Device Dependent Recipes Required!
  • 1-4 Cassettes
  • Wafer Randomization — Eliminates separate sorter step
  • Massive Sampling –inspect each and every wafer in the cassette
  • Excursion Control & Yield Improvement
  • Scrap Avoidance
  • Root Cause Analysis Pareto graphing
  • Guardbanding — Electronically ink-off defects as region or die based file
  • Database Server — 2 years of historical images and data
  • Complete Documentation: Full Wafer Images, Defect List, Wafer Defect Maps, Wafer Tracking
  • Review Thumbnail images and full wafer images quickly
  • Weigh Cell Monitor — Measure Wafer Weight During Macro Scan
  • Reduces Manual Inspection Staffing
  • KLARF defect file format
  • Integrates with Microtronic MicroINSPECT and MicroSORT
EAGLEview Automated Macro Defect Semiconductor Wafer Inspection Equipment
EagleView Macro Defect Wafer Inspection Systems Can Inspect 50mm to 450mm Wafers at a rate of 3000+ wpd
EagleView Automated Macro Defect Semiconductor Wafer Inspection Equipment
EagleView Semiconductor Wafer Macro Defect Inspection Equipment  – SMIF System