MicroINSPECT Semiconductor Wafer Microscope Inspection System

Advanced Robotics, Microscopes with SITEview Software Automate Micro or Macro Defect Inspection

MicroINSPECT Semiconductor Wafer Defect Microscope Inspection System combines state-of-the-art robotics, intelligent microscopes and SITEview software to provide a flexible, easy-to-operate defect inspection platform for either micro or macro defect wafer inspection.

SITEview Software automates all microscope functions, metrology routines, and a wide variety of operations that make the wafer defect inspection process quicker and more accurate while minimizing operator errors.

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EAGLEview Automated Macro Defect Semiconductor Wafer Inspection Equipment
MicroINSPECT Automated Semiconductor Wafer Inspection System Running SITEview Software
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MicroINSPECT Semiconductor Wafer Defect Inspection System

MicroINSPECT system automates sophisticated semiconductor wafer inspection – micro or macro – for semiconductor wafers ranging in size from 50 mm to 450 mm. The MicroINSPECT wafer inspection system couples a state-of-the-art robotics semiconductor wafer handler with a Zeiss Axiotron 2 inspection microscope or any other major brand inspection microscope of your choosing, together with the Microtronic SITEview software.

Our innovative configuration provides a simple to operate, yet powerful enough, defect inspection tool for even the most advanced microscopist.

MicroINSPECT 300 FA Failure Analysis Automated Semiconductor Wafer Inspection
MicroINSPECT 300 FA Failure Analysis Automated Semiconductor Wafer Inspection

SITEview Software Automates Microscope & Optical Inspection Functions

SITEview inspection recipes are modular ASCII files which may be created off-line or interactively on-line. Recipes may be created at a semiconductor die, field, or wafer level. SITEview allows automated microscope functions, metrology routines, and calls to the internal SITEview command set to run at each inspection site. During wafer inspection, operators may add, move, or update inspection sites for identifying repetitive defects. Defect codes, comments, measurement results, and images are stored in the data file. For simple manual inspection, a user may click on a semiconductor wafer slot icon and select ‘micro inspection’ to automatically place the wafer correctly on the stage. After visual inspection, the semiconductor wafer is returned by pressing the ‘store wafer’ button or any empty slot.

When integrated with an OCR reader, SITEview speeds semiconductor wafer throughput by combining wafer inspection and wafer sorting in one operation without loss of time during wafer inspection. Sort routines may be appended to the end of an inspection recipe.

MicroINSPECT Semiconductor Wafer Inspection System Key Features

Custom Configurations of MicroINSPECT Semiconductor Wafer Defect Inspection System Include:

  • 50mm to 450mm Wafers
  • 1 to 4 Cassette Towers
  • Motorized Tilt Back with or without Integrated Flat / Notch Aligner
  • Auto Recognition of Mult-cassette Sizes
  • OCR
  • Cassette BCR
  • Laser Marker Compatible
  • High Res Flat Screen Display
  • EAGLEview Automated Macro Defect Inspection System Compatibility
  • Integrate with any microscope or your existing wafer inspection microscopes
  • Confocal UV Optics
  • High Speed Dual Arm Robots and Stages
  • Standard and High Accuracy Stage
  • Small Footprint Enclosure

SITEview Software Applications for MicroINSPECT

  • Visual Inspection
  • Defect Review
  • Knights Navigation Software
  • OCR Read
  • Sorting
  • Second Optical Review
  • Image Storage & Retrieval
  • Laser Marking
  • Host Communication — LAN
  • Microscope Interface / UV Microscope Interface

Advanced Robotics

  • Fast & Easy Robot Setup
  • Maintenance Friendly
  • Detailed Diagnostics
  • Easy to Navigate GUI Service Interface that simplifies diagnostics and provides automated robot teach routines for each wafer exchange position
  • SITEview provides an easy upgrade path for existing LEP Mac based systems