Semiconductor Wafer Inspection Failure Analysis Tool Manufacturer

Advanced Robotics, Microscopes with SITEview Software Automate Micro or Macro Defect Inspection

MicroINSPECT Semiconductor Wafer Defect Microscope Inspection System combines state-of-the-art robotics, intelligent microscopes and SITEview software to provide a flexible, easy-to-operate defect inspection platform for either micro or macro defect wafer inspection.

SITEview Software automates all microscope functions, metrology routines, and a wide variety of operations that make the wafer defect inspection process quicker and more accurate while minimizing operator errors.

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MicroINSPECT 300FA -- Automated Failure Analysis, Wafer Defect Review, Sorter
MicroINSPECT 300FA — Automated Failure Analysis, Defect Review, Sorter
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MicroINSPECT 300FA Automated Semiconductor Wafer Failure Analysis Tool

The MicroINSPECT 300FA is an automated wafer inspection tool used for semiconductor wafer failure analysis. Its small footprint, high speed, and low cost relative to its rich features yield a superb cost of ownership and makes this an ideal tool for your fab or failure analysis lab. The MicroINSPECT 300FA combines advanced robotics, wafer sorting, an intelligent wafer inspection microscope together with SiteVIEW Software to produce an integrated failure analysis tool.

MicroINSPECT 300FA is fully integrated with SiteVIEW Software, which gives you the power to act fast, be flexible, and solve critical issues before it’s too late.

SITEview Software Applications that Run on the MicroINSPECT 300FA Include:

  • Failure Analysis Navigation Programs
  • User Customizable Screens
  • Automated “manual load” mode for single wafer or wafer piece loading with Deskew
  • Defect Review & Inspection– visit defect sites using defect review file data
  • Complete Wafer Sorter
  • Second Optical Inspection
  • Image Storage, Retrieval and Database
  • Host Communication — LANs,
  • All Major Microscope Interface (Zeiss, Nikon, Leica, others)

MicroINSPECT 300FA Custom Configurations

  • One Bridge Tool for Both 200 & 300mm semiconductor wafers. Automatic wafer size recognition. No calibration needed.
  • 1 or 2 Cassette Platforms for manual loading in Failure Analysis Lab
  • FOUP indexers available
  • OCR – Dual wafer ID recognition Alpha-numeric for 200mm and 2D Matrix for 300mm
  • Photonic Laser Marker Compatible
  • Zeiss Optics – BF, DF, DIC, VIS & UV Confocal modes with 80-100nm visibility
  • Can integrate with all major microscope brands including existing microscopes
  • Hi-Precision Stage with embedded 12″ x 12″ reticle for maximum accuracy
  • Hi Res Flat Panel Display

MicroINSPECT 300FA Semiconductor Wafer Defect Inspection Platform Equipment Features

  • Active Mini Environment, Passive Enclosure or open Table Top Workstation
  • Small Footprint
  • Mounted on Casters and Extendable Leveling Posts for Mobility
  • Vacuum 25 inches Hg
  • No process air or N2 Required
  • Configurable for Fabs or Failure Analysis Labs
  • End-User Customizable Enclosures and Layouts
  • Field Serviceable Robot & Peripherals