SITEview Software | Automated Semiconductor Wafer Optical Inspection and Metrology

Semiconductor Wafer Defect Review, Image Storage & Retrieval and Sorting Software

Microtronic SITEview Software is designed from the end-user operator’s perspective and is easy to use, fully featured, and modular. Applications include visual wafer inspection, OCR sorting, wafer defect review, second optical inspection, image storage and retrieval, laser marking, microscope interface, and GEM/SECS II communication and seamlessly integrates with EAGLEview, MicroINSPECT and MicroSORT.

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Microtronic's SITEview Semiconductor Wafer Defect Inspection Software
Microtronic’s SITEview Semiconductor Wafer Defect Inspection Software
SITEview Software | Semiconductor Wafer Defect Review, Images and Sorting PDF

SITEview Software | Semiconductor Wafer Defect Review, Wafer Image Storage and Retrieval and Wafer Sorting

Microtronic SITEview System Software is a true user-oriented package. SITEview uses single screen operations to minimize screen clutter and the ability to custom design the end-user screen appearance, control features, and functions. SITEview also incorporates advanced security features and policies including multi-level password protection to facilitate safe sharing of information.

SITEview uses one software version independent of the system configuration. This single package controls the robot, motorized or manual stage, aligner, tilt and wobble macro,backside macro, tilt-back cassette towers, integrated cassette wafer aligners, fixed or handheld bar code reader, wafer OCR, cameras, imaging systems, pattern recognition, and inspection microscopes.

SITEview Software Features :

  • Common GUI Interface for Microtronic EagleVIEW, MicroINSPECT, MicroSORT and ProcessGUARD Software
  • Visual Wafer Inspection
  • Defect Review
  • OCR Read
  • Wafer Sorting
  • Second Optical Inspection
  • Image Storage & Retrieval
  • Laser Marketing
  • Host Communication — LAN
  • Interfaces with Most Wafer Inspection Microscopes
  • Super user may turn on/off, gray, add to toolbar, or rename individual selections on every menu
  • Multi-level password protection
  • KLARF and custom format defect review
  • Simultaneous remote and local storage of recipes, images, and data
  • Date/time logged error text messages
  • Detailed GUI component diagnostics
  • Stage-to-wafer center offset for portability of inspection and review recipes
Microtronic SITEview Semiconductor Wafer Sorter Software
Microtronic SITEview Semiconductor Wafer Sorter Software