Microtronic Announces an Automated Backside Macro Inspection for the EAGLEview Platform

Hawthorne, NY – July 5, 2022 – SEMICON West 2022 – Microtronic, maker of high-speed full-wafer macro defect inspection systems and software, has just announced an innovative new option to automatically inspect wafer backsides. The new capability is seamlessly integrated into the tool’s software “ProcessGuard”.   Microtronic will be giving live software demonstrations of the new Backside Inspection (BSI) capability at SEMICON West 2022 next week (also available in the SEMICON West virtual booth).

“The demand for wafer backside inspection has grown dramatically over the years,” said Microtronic CEO Reiner Fenske in making the announcement. “The key is having an intuitive way to integrate the backside images and correlate them to the frontside images within the framework of the existing ProcessGuard software.”

The newest ProcessGuard release shows all of the important wafer characteristics in a single view.  The yellow crosshair correlates to the same position on the frontside and backside of the wafer.  In addition, the same position is displayed for the reference wafer while the Delta Image shows the difference between the current and reference wafer.

Fenske noted that the new backside option is based off of the proven optics and mechanics of the company’s well-known EAGLEview platform which has inspected over 400 million wafers worldwide.  Similar to the frontside, backside inspection is performed automatically with no recipes needed and a minimal impact on throughput.  Fenske also stated that the backside inspection option is field-retrofittable for existing EAGLEview 5 tools.

About Microtronic

Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Hawthorne, NY, Microtronic designs, builds and delivers advanced systems and software for automated macro wafer defect inspection and data management for semiconductor processing. The company’s flagship macro defect inspection system, the EAGLEview 5, is known for its unprecedented speed, which enables it to automatically inspect 100% of every wafer in the lot without recipes. It produces high-resolution full-wafer color images with macro defects identified and it stores all the information in the powerful ProcessGuard defect database and management system.  ProcessGuard clients are available throughout the organization with unlimited licenses.


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