Microtronic EAGLEview Automated Macro Defect Inspection Solution Enables Innovation For Semiconductor Clients

New Release of EAGLEview Lands New Clients With Better Throughput, Accuracy, and Versatility

Hawthorne, NY August 25, 2011 – Microtronic Inc., the US-based semiconductor wafer inspection company that specializes in automated macro defect wafer inspection systems announced today that its received new orders from a Tier-1 semiconductor manufacturer for its newest generation EAGLEview wafer inspection system.

Semiconductor manufacturers are gravitating toward Microtronic wafer defect inspection systems due to their ease of use, flexibility and feature rich platform. EAGLEview’s automation and ability to integrate with existing production process and systems were main drivers in the most recent customer acquisitions.

The new version of Microtronic EAGLEview semiconductor macro defect wafer inspection includes newly developed technologies to provide its fastest throughput yet along with enhanced defect inspection accuracy. Microtronic also released a new version of its ProcessGuard Software that includes additional functionality and features.

Founded in 1994, Microtronic Inc. specializes in automating the process of detecting defects in semiconductor wafers that are used to make packaged computer chips that go into everything from laptops and cell phones to almost every other intelligent device.

“We’re honored to learn that our EAGLEview macro defect detection system continues to be embraced by the Tier-1 semiconductor manufacturing market. Innovation is the key to unlocking the full potential of business and the semiconductor market and with EAGLEview we are working hard to make our own unique contribution”, commented Reiner Fenske, Founder and CEO of Microtronic, Inc.

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